Mis anuncios favoritos

Holaaa chicos

All of these print ads use clever marketing techniques to stand out from the ordinary! Whether it be humour, fear or sex… it’s difficult to make your ad -POP- and differentiate itself from the crowd. My personal favourites are those that require some thinking and a sprinkle of humour.

Thanks to the internet and all that it brings people can share, like, comment and really have their say. We are now able to interact with each other and companies in ways we would have never imagined! Advertisers need to focus on leaving an ever-lasting message in our minds, something that won’t be forgotten when the next BIG THING captures our attention. Not only that, but marketers have the power to really say something, so please on behalf of my fellow millennials – make a difference!

With all of the noise and constant switching of screens marketers really have to crack that whip for us to appreciate the creative, cunning and charming pieces of art that they create. SO… without further or do, here are a few of my favourites that I have seen flying around.

Let me know which print ads stand out to you!




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